C&D Today

Through over thirty years of innovation and reform, Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited has now developed into a large-scale industrial & investment enterprise group in Fujian Province with a registered capital of RMB 6.55 billion Yuan, a total asset of over RMB 250 billion Yuan, an annual operation revenue of over RMB 280 billion Yuan. With a major business covering fields such as supply chain operations, real estate ...
Pay Back to Society

Remembering the growth environment and support provided by Xiamen with gratitude, C&D Corporation has always paid back the city with absolute sincerity. Regarding “Helping the Weak and the Poor, Supporting the Public Good Program” as our tenet, we have been helping the poor, supporting the education, making donations to the children with congenital heart disease and the work for the public good, assisting the arm ...

C&D Group ranked 277th in the Fortune Global 5...
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