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                    July 22,2019 C&D Group ranked 277th in the Fortune Global 500
                    July 21,2019 Keep going together with C&D - the 2019 C&D Group Vertical Marathon Challenge was held
                    July 10,2019 XICEC Group won a number of Exhibition “Oscar” awards
                    June 26,2019 Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind, and courageously sc...
                    April 23,2019 According to the 2018 annual report released by Xiamen C&D Inc., the main indicators hit a ...
                    April 23,2019 C&D Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei
                    April 03,2019 Xiamen C&D Tourism and Hotels Incorporation was entrusted with the management of the former...
                    March 10,2019 Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, conducted an on-site survey on China X...
                    June 07,2018 Xiamen C&D Inc. ranked topper among the Forbes Global listed companies
                    May 15,2018 Xiamen C&D Inc. became a constituent stock of the MSCI China Index